Special Offers

2 Day Offer

Until Midnight on 20th April, please enter the code NEW21 for 12% discount off all my handmade jewellery items. Do make sure you enter the code at checkout as it can't be added afterwards.

It can't be used at the same time as any other discount offer.

Occasionally, I offer discounts & this is the page where you'll find all the details.

If you're buying a gift for someone, I'll be happy to send your gift to the recipient with a note in your own wording. Just enter their address as the shipping address, let me know your wording & I'll do the rest.

I hate spam emails just as much as anyone, so I'm committed to sending out only one newsletter each month & I'll time any special discounts to coincide with the release of the newsletter.

In addition, I do occasionally offer general discounts for a limited time period so please check back on this page for more information, or you could sign up for my newsletter or check on my Facebook page.

There is also my Clearance category, where items are permanently reduced in price until they sell.

I hope everyone stays well & safe, and my sincerest condolences to those who have lost loved ones during this dreadful time. Also my thoughts are with those who are suffering and those caring for someone who has the virus or any other health conditions.

Thank you for looking.

Lynne x