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Here's where you will see my newly created handmade jewellery designs. You'll also find them in the relevant sections & colour categories. I'm continually designing & creating new pieces of jewellery, so please come back to see more new designs.

If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, why not contact me & I'll be happy to help.

More About This Category

Welcome to the New Designs category at Silver Sensations, where you can explore the latest creations in handmade jewellery. Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted with a focus on elegance, quality, and individuality. You'll find an array of new jewellery designs featuring Sterling Silver, high-quality crystals, pearls, and semi-precious gemstones, all designed to enhance your personal style. In this section, you will discover a variety of jewellery pieces, including handmade necklaces, earrings, beaded bracelets, and pendants. Each item is created with the utmost care, ensuring that you receive a unique piece of jewellery that reflects both timeless elegance and contemporary trends.

The materials used in these designs are sourced from reputable suppliers to guarantee the highest quality. Whether it's the shine of sterling silver, the brilliance of crystals, the lustre of pearls, or the natural beauty of semi-precious gemstones, every element is chosen with precision. The New Designs category is constantly updated with fresh pieces, so there is always something new to discover. Our commitment to innovation and creativity means that you will always find the latest trends and unique styles here.

These pieces are perfect for any occasion, whether you're looking for something to wear daily, a statement piece for a special event, or a thoughtful gift for someone special. We understand that finding the perfect piece of jewellery can be a personal journey, which is why we offer customization options. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please contact us. We are more than happy to work with you to create a bespoke piece that meets your specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure that you find the perfect jewellery to complement your style and personality. At Silver Sensations, every piece of jewellery is handmade in the UK, reflecting our dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

We take pride in our work and are passionate about designing and creating jewellery that our customers will love. Our new designs are a testament to this commitment, showcasing the latest trends while maintaining the timeless elegance that defines our brand. Explore our New Designs category and discover the perfect piece to add to your collection. With a wide range of styles and materials, there is something for everyone at Silver Sensations. Keep coming back to see our latest creations and let us help you find the jewellery that speaks to you.





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Peach, Vintage White & Gold Tiny Seed Beads Hoop Earrings

Design your own minimalist seed beads hoop earrings

Powder Rose Pink Pearl Drops Hoop Earrings - 30th Wedding Anniversary

Elegant powder pink pearl drops & Sterling Silver hoop earrings

Pastel Powder Blue Pearl Drops Hoop Earrings - June Birthstone

Gorgeous pastel powder blue pearl drops & Sterling Silver hoop earrings

Red & White Dainty Seed Beads Boho Hoop Earrings

Red & white tiny minimalist 30mm hoop earrings

Blue & Silver Tiny Seed Beads Hoop Earrings

Blue & silver dainty 30mm hoop earrings

Peach, Cream & Gold Seed Beads Boho Hoop Earrings

Peach, cream & rose gold dainty seed beads hoop earrings

Pastel Grey Lined Clear Seed Beads Hoop Earrings

This time I've used clear, 3mm Toho seed beads, which have been lined with a pretty shade of pastel grey. I've threaded them onto 30mm silver plated round hoop earrings as can be seen in the images. I always think that lined beads have a multi-dimensional look.

I have a lot of colours available, so if you'd prefer a different colour, please do contact me with the colours you'd like in your earrings & I'll be happy to help & show you photos.

The sizes available are 20mm, 25mm, 30mm & 35mm & each size has a different price. The last image shows the different sizes available to help you compare them & come to a decison.

Toho 3mm Seed Beads
Silver Plated 30mm Hoops - Lead & Nickel Free

Size: Choice of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm & 35mm
Width - 3mm
Complimentary Pair of Rubber Backs For Added Security

I buy my plated materials from reputable suppliers as being lead & nickel free, so complying with EU Safety Directives. 

I'm sometimes asked why I use only certain brands of seed beads. By using only the highest quality beads from Matsuno, Miyuki, Preciosa & Toho, I've found that the colours & sizes are consistent. Of course, that means your piece of jewellery will be uniform, elegant & neat. A look you don't see with cheaper beads.

Bright Neon Yellow Pearl Teardrops Hoop Earrings - June Birthstone

Elegant neon yellow teardrop pearls & Sterling Silver hoop earrings

White Pearl Teardrops Hoop Earrings - June Birthstone

Elegant white peardrop / teardrop pearls & Sterling Silver hoop earrings

White Opal Crystal Hearts Hoop Earrings - October Birthstone

Glowing white opal heart crystals .925 hoop earrings

Neon Yellow Pearls & Sterling Silver Beads Bracelet

Fluorescent neon yellow pearls bracelet

Neon Pink Pearls & Sterling Silver Bracelet

Bright neon pink pearls bracelet

Purple Bronze Dainty Seed Beads Hoop Earrings

Dainty multi colour seed beads hoop earrings

Red, White & Blue Seed Beads Gypsy Hoop Earrings

Red, white & blue tiny seed beads 30mm hoop earrings

Slim Neon Green Pearls Bracelet

Slim neon green pearls bracelet

Blue, White & Red Seed Beads Silver Hoop Fashion Earrings

Blue, white & red tiny seed beads hoop earrings

Sparkly Green Crystal Hearts Hoop Earrings With Sterling Silver

Sparkly peridot green crystal hearts & Sterling Silver hoop earrings

Dainty Neon Orange Pearls Bracelet

Dainty neon orange pearls bracelet

Narrow Neon Pink Pearls Bracelet

Narrow hot neon pink pearls bracelet

Simple Neon Yellow Pearls Layering Bracelet

Simple bright neon yellow pearls bracelet

Pure White Agate & Sterling Silver Beads Necklace

Simple white & Silver beaded necklace

Sapphire Blue Crystals & Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet

Sapphire blue crystals stacking bracelet

Black White & Grey Rutilated Quartz Choker Necklace

Big Rutilated Quartz beads adjustable fashion necklace

Orange Crystal Heart Earrings With Sterling Silver Bars

Glowing amber orange crystal heart earrings

Brilliant White Agate & Sterling Silver Earrings

Striking white beaded Silver earrings

Black Crystal Heart Earrings With Curved Sterling Silver Bars

Sophisticated jet black crystal heart earrings

Genuine Natural Green Malachite Dainty Bracelet

Limited edition green beaded stacker bracelet

Navy Blue Tiny Seed Beads Unisex Anklet

Narrow navy blue Unisex fashion anklet

Brown Smokey Quartz Duo & Sterling Silver Earrings

Long brown semi precious gemstone earrings

Black Onyx &  White Agate Sterling Silver Earrings

Dainty black & white beaded Silver earrings

Clear, Pink & Purple Blended Crystals & Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

Rare clear, pink & purple blended crystals bracelet

Pink & White Quartz, Crystals & Sterling Silver Earrings

Feminine & Summery, pink & white Quartz earrings

Glossy Red Pearls & Sterling Silver Long Earrings

Rich red graduated pearls elegant earrings

Peach & Light Gold Minimalist Seed Bead Bracelet

Narrow peach & light gold bracelet

Tiny Black & White Seed Bead Choker Necklace

Black & White Tiny Fashion Necklace

Gold & Copper Dainty Seed Bead Ombre Bracelet

Dainty gold & copper friendship bracelet

Slim Cream Pearls Bracelet

Slim cream pearls bracelet

Slim Purple Seed Bead Boho Stacker Fashion Bracelet

Modern medium purple friendship bracelet

Peach & Cream Skinny Seed Bead Choker Necklace

Peach & cream boho fashion necklace

Black Onyx & Sterling Silver Beaded Drop Earrings

Short black beaded Silver earrings

Dainty Dusky Rose Pink Pearls Bracelet

Dusky pink pearls slim bracelet

Pearlescent White Pearls &  Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

Pearlescent white pearls bridesmaids bracelet

Black & Silver Hematite Puffy Heart Earrings

Gunmetal & silver non magnetic Hematite heart earrings

Pink Rose Quartz & Sterling Silver Long Earrings

Elegant, long Rose Quartz heart Chakra earrings

Peach & Light Gold Minimalist Seed Bead Anklet

Feminine peach bohochic seed bead anklet