Semi Precious Gemstone Jewellery

Please see the list below of most of the Semi Precious Gemstones I currently have.

Please remember that these are genuine semi precious gemstones &, due to nature's effect, they may sometimes have minor imperfections.

ABALONE Greens, Yellows, Blues, Oranges etc Flat Ovals, Coins, Diamonds, Flat Squares, Side Drilled Pears, Nuggets


Alpine Agate Dark Green/Cream Rounds
Black Banded Agate Black With Grey/White
Black & White Lace Agate Random Black & White Markings Rounds
Blue Agate Blue Teardrops, Cubes & Hearts
Blue Frosted
Cracked Agate
Shades of Blue With Thin White
Blue Lace Agate Pastel Blue Coin, Oblong, Flat Ovals, Chips & Rounds
Brazil Agate Salmon/Black Medium Rice Ovals, Heishi
Brown Agate Mottled Brown Rice & Rounds
Crazy Lace Agate Brown/Cream Mix Rounds
Crazy Lace Agate Black/Grey/Ivory Mix Heishi (rondelle)
Fuchsia Pink Frosted
Cracked Agate
Shades of Pink With Thin White
Gold Lace Agate Golden Brown Rounds & Heishi (rondelle)
Green Banded Agate Shades from White to Very Dark Green Round & Faceted Round
Fuchsia Pink Banded Agate Shades from Almost White to Very Dark Cerise Pink Round & Faceted Round
Frosted Orange Agate Varying degrees of Orange Round
Orange Dragon's Vein Agate Almost Transparent Orange with Veins Round
Purple Banded Agate Very Dark Purple With
Lighter Purple/White Markings
Rounds & Faceted Round
Purple Dragon's Vein Agate Very Dark Purple With Veins Round
Purple Frosted Cracked
Shades of Purple With Thin White
Rainbow Agate Shades of Brown With Green Rounded Flat Squares,
Rounded Flat Oblongs
& Rounded Flat Diamonds
Red Agate Varies from Oranges to Dark Brownish Reds Chunky Long Ovals & Rounds
Stripey Red Agate Shades of Orange & Cream Round, Coins, Faceted Flat Squares
Tree Agate Green/White mix Rounds & Melons (oval)
White Agate White Rounds & Teardrops


Blue Blue/Grey Rounds
Brighter Green Brighter Green Rounds, Cubes & Flat Coins
Green Medium Green Rounds
Pink Pinky Peach Rounded Flat Squares & Tumbled Nuggets
Red Very Dark Orange Rounds, Melons (oval), Rounded Tubes, Heishi, Rice & Flat Coins


White Coral Off White Rounds, Rice, Cubes & Rondelles
White Sponge Coral Off White Rounds
Red Coral Rich Red Rounds, Rice & Rondelles
Red Sponge Coral Mottled Red Overlapping Coins, Rounded Tubes, Chunky Long Ovals, Chunky 4 Sided Ovals, Rondelles, Triangular Pendants
Pink Coral Pink Round
Orange Coral Pastel Orange Small Round, Rondelles

Black Coral


Small Round


China Jade Green/Cream Mix Heishi
Aquamarine Blue Jade Aquamarine Blue Rounds
Dark Blue Jade Very Dark Blue Rounds
Blue Jade Medium Blue Rounds, Rounded Tubes, Rice, Faceted Oblongs & Square Tubes
Light Blue Jade Pale Blue Rounds
Bowenite – Creamy White Creamy White - Some With Slight Stripes Ovals, Diamonds
Bowenite - Cream/Peach Cream With Peach Markings Ovals
Bowenite  - White/Clear White/Clear Rounded 3 Sided Ovals
Bowenite – Pale Green Translucent Pale Green Rounded 3 Sided Ovals,
Flake Jade Mix of Greens, Yellows, Browns & Creams Faceted Oblongs
Golden Jade Dark Yellow/Mustard Hearts, Round, Wavy Coin, Peanuts
Green Jade Very Dark Rounds & Teardrops
Bright Green Jade Peridot Colour Rounds
Medium Green Jade Mid Green Rounds
Green Spot Jade Dark Green/Cream Mix Chunky Rounds
Honey Jade Pastel Honey Yellow Rounds, Flat Diamonds, Chunky Tubes, 6 Sided Oblong Ovals & Chunky Rounded Flat Coins
Lavender Jade Lavender Purple Large Rounds & Puff Hearts
Lilac/Pink Jade Lilac/Pink Jade Mix Rounds
Multicolour Jade Orange/White/Green Mix Rounds
Multicolour Jade Pale Blue/Pale Purple/Pastel Pink Mix Rounds
New Jade Translucent Green Rounds, Faceted Oblongs, Rounded Tubes, Cubes, Faceted Coins, Faceted Flat Ovals, Heishi (rondelle)
Olive Jade Dark Yellow Rounds, Faceted Coins, Faceted Oblongs, Melons/Rice & Cubes
Orange Jade Light, Medium, Bright Rounds
Pink Jade Bright, Rose Rounds
Purple Jade Medium Purple, Lavender, Violet Rounds, Hearts
Red Jade Dark Red, Medium Red Rounds, Long Slim Teardrop
Russian Jade Mottled Green Rounded Tubes & Square Tubes
Sky Blue Jade Sky Blue Large Rounds & Puff Hearts
Snow Jade White Rounds, Puffy Hearts & Heishi (rondelle)
Violet Jade Darkish Purple Rounds
White Jade White Rounds
Yellow Lemon to Bright Yellows Rounds


Autumn Jasper Green/Pink Mix Rice
Black & White Zebra Jasper Black & White Rounds, Long Teadrop
Black Veined Jasper Black & Grey Mix Rounds
Brown Zebra Jasper Browns/Creams Rounds
Chrysocolla Jasper Green Faceted Flat Ovals, Faceted Flat Oblongs, Twisted Ovals, Rounded Tubes
Coffee Jasper Dark Brown Rounds
Dragon's Veins Jasper Slightly Transparent Pale Blue/Green Twisted Chunky Ovals
Feldspar Jasper Creamy Brown With Dark Brown Markings Rounded Oblongs
Green Lace Jasper Mottled Green Rounds
Grey Cloud Jasper Shades of Darker Grey Small Rounded Coins
Impression Jasper (Sea Sediment Jasper) Aqua Blue
Impression Jasper (Sea Sediment Jasper) Green Round
Impression Jasper (Sea Sediment Jasper) Orange Flat Ovals
Impression Jasper (Sea Sediment Jasper) Purple Rondelle
Impression Jasper (Sea Sediment Jasper) Red Round, Small Coins, Rondelle
Leopard Skin Jasper Pink/Green/Cream Mix Rounds
Mookaite Jasper Multi Colour Rounds, Nuggets, Ovals, Diamond Shape & Chips
Natural Picasso Jasper Mid Brown Mix 'S' Shaped Beads
Picture Jasper Brown Mix Rounds, Cubes, Small Rice
Poppy Jasper Red/Brown Mix Rounds
Rainbow Jasper Red/Cream/Brown Mix Rounds
Red Jasper Brick Reddish Brown Rounds, Cubes, Faceted Oblongs
Sand Jasper Dry Sand Colour Rounds, Chunky Rounded Flat Coins
Spider Web Jasper Grey With Black Stripes Rounded Squares, Rounded oblongs, Small Rounded Nuggets & Rounds
Veined Jasper Very Light Green Mix 'S' Shaped Beads


Denim Lapis  Blue/White Mix Rounds, Small Rice
Lapis Lazuli With Pyrite Blue With Gold Flecks Rounds, 6 Sided Oblongs, Rounded Tubes, Small Coins, Twisted Ovals, Flat Oblongs, Cubes, Medium Sized Coins
Egyptian Lapis Lazuli Blue - No Pyrite Rounds, Twisted Oblongs, Dice


Mahogany Obsidian Reddish Brown/Black Mix Rounds, Square Tubes, Small Coins
Natural Obsidian Mottled Brown Rice
Snowflake Obsidian Black/White Mix Rounds, Rounded Tubes, Rice, Heishi, Flat Coins


Cherry Quartz Slightly Transparent Pinky Peach Rounds, Rounded Tubes, Melons (oval)
Crystal Quartz White Faceted Rondelles
Crystal Quartz Black Faceted Rounds
Golden Quartz Slightly Transparent Golden Rounds
Honey Quartz Honey Pastel Yellow Rounds, Pears & Diamond Shapes
Rock Crystal Quartz Clear Rounds, Faceted Coins, Faceted Rounds, Twisted Coins, Faceted Rice, Faceted Rondelles, Tumbled Nuggets - Various Sizes
Rose Quartz Deeper Pink Rounds, Faceted Coins, Faceted Flat Ovals, Cubes, Small Rounded Tubes, Melons (oval), Briolettes, Rice, Faceted Oblongs, Hearts, Faceted Hearts, Stars, Flowers & Wheels
Rose Quartz Pink Rounded Small Coins, Small Rice, Faceted Rounds, Rondelles
Ruby Quartz Maroon & Clear Cloudy Slices
Rutilated Quartz Very Pale Slightly Transparent Brown Rounds
Rutilated Quartz Brown, Cream & Grey Rounded Oblongs, Large Twisted Oblongs
Rutilated Quartz Black, White & Grey Rounds & Oblongs
Silver Quartz Shades of Grey Small Nuggets, Rondelles & Random Sized Slices
Smokey Quartz Very Slightly Transparent Brown Rounds, Faceted Rounds, Small Puff Hearts, Medium Barrels, Large Barrels


Aqua Blue Howlite Turquoise Lighter Blue Large Rounds
Blue Howlite Turquoise Medium Blue Rounds, Melons, Twisted Ovals, Faceted Oblongs
Blue/Green Turquoise Blue/Green With Brown Markings Rounds, Teardrops
Green Howlite Turquoise Apple Green Large Round
Natural Lemon Turquoise Lemon Round
Natural Lemon Turquoise Pale Lemon/White/Pale Grey Mix 'S' Shaped Beads
Orange Howlite Turquoise Orange Rounds, Rounded Flat Oblongs
Pink Howlite Turquoise Bright Pink Rounds & Rounded Flat Oblongs
Pink Howlite Turquoise Hot Pink Large Rounds, Rounds
Pistachio Turquoise Pale Green With Black Markings Coins, Long Ovals
Purple Turkey Turquoise Purple & White Mix Rounds
Red Howlite Turquoise Pinky Red Squares, Small Rounds
White Howlite Turquoise White With Pale Grey Flecks Rounds, Small Round Tubes, Round Tubes, Melons, Cubes
Natural Yellow Turquoise Yellow With Greenish/Black Markings Rounds, Cubes


Amazonite - Blue Pale Blue Melons, Rice
Amazonite - Blue Green Pale Bluish Green Rounds, Melons
Amazonite - Green Pale Green Heishi
Amazonite - Green Mid Green Rounds
Amethyst  Purple Rounds  & Faceted Rounds,
Amethyst Purple & White Mix Rounds & Rondelles
Black Onyx Black Rounds, Rounded Tubes, Rice, Chunky Rice, Long Rice, Twisted Oblongs, Puff Squares, Rounded Flat Ovals, Small Flat Coins, Rounded Puff Coins, Faceted Flat Squares, Faceted Rounds
Bronzite Dark Brown Chips
Calcite Frosted Pastel Yellow Nuggets, Rounds
Carnelian - Natural Clear/Orange Mix Rounds, Chunky Long Ovals
Carnelian - Red Red Rounds, Chunky Long Ovals
Citrine Almost Transparent Orangey Yellows Nuggets, Rounds
Freshwater Pearls Peach Pink Rondelles, Rice & Off Rounds
Freshwater Pearls Black Rondelles & Off Rounds
Freshwater Pearls White Rondelles, Rice & Off Rounds
Goldstone/Sandstone Shimmery Midnight Blue Rounds, Faceted Coins, Rounded Tubes, Square Tubes, Small Rice, Small Coins, Teardrops
Goldstone/Sandstone Shimmery Mid Brown Rounds, Teardrops
Goldstone/Sandstone Shimmery Blue/Brown Mix Rounded Squares, Rounded Small Tubes, Rondelles
Hematite Gunmetal Grey Rounds, Drums, Small Rice, Cones, Rounded Tubes, Hearts, Rondelles/Discs, Faceted Rounds, Teardrops, Copper Plated Rounds, Tubes & Cubes, Silver Plated Rounds, Tubes & Cubes, Frosted Rainbow Cubes, Frosted Grey Cubes, Frosted Olive Green Cubes, Stars
Labradorite Dark Grey With Iridescence Coins, Chunky Long Ovals
Labradorite Greenish Grey With Iridescence Coins & Flat Ovals
Larvikite Dark Grey With Irridescence Rounds
Lava Stone Black Round, Cubes, Hearts
Lava Stone White Hearts
Lepidolite Cream With Purple Markings Rounded Coins
Lepidolite Purple With Sparkle Small Rounded Flat Ovals, Small Coins
Mother of Pearl Cream Rounds, Carved Leaves (3 sizes), Tear Drops, Hearts, Rice, Moon

Mother of Pearl

Natural Beige/Light Brown


Mother of Pearl Various Dyed Colours Flat Oblongs, Rounds, Marquise
Natural Carnelian Clear/Orange Mix Rounds, Small Oblongs, Rounded Flat Ovals, Faceted Coins
Opalite Translucent Blue/White/Clear Rounds, Puff Hearts, Tear Drops, Coins
Peru Pink Opal Light Pink Mix Chips, Handcut Square Oblongs
Purple Fluorite Clear to Purples Rounds, Coins, Diamonds
Rainbow Fluorite Clear/Purples/Greens Rounds, Teardrops, Ovals
Sodalite Blue/White Mix Rounds, Chunky Rounds, Chips, Flat Squares, Heishi (rondelle)
Tiger's Eye Blue Shiny Glowing Dark Blue Rounds
Tiger's Eye Brown Shiny Very Dark Glowing Brown With Golden Streaks Rounds, Rounded Flat Squares, Various Sixes of Nuggets
Tiger's Eye Red Shiny Very Deep Glowing Red Rounds & Small Nuggets
Tridacna Clam Shell Pearls White Rounds & Carved Rounds
Unakite Green/Pink Mix Square Tubes, Rounds, Melons (oval)


Crystals Various Various
Pearls Various Various
Pendants Various Various


Matsuno, Miyuki, Preciosa & Toho Various 3mm & 4mm
Miyuki Various Magatama

Miyuki Delica


1.8mm Tubes & 1.8mm Cubes