A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Handmade Jewellery

Please: Don't immerse your jewellery into water, or leave in direct sunlight, as this may cause irreparable damage to the materials used to create your piece of handmade jewellery. 

Please: Do put on your jewellery after all creams, sprays, oils & make up have dried.

Please roll, slide, or gently ease your elasticated stretch bracelet on & off your wrist. Excess stretching of the bracelet will cause the high quality jewellery elastic thread to lose it stretch. This of course applies to all stretch bracelets, regardless of where they've been bought or made.

Use a soft, dry cloth to keep your jewellery clean. I enclose a small complimentary Anti-Tarnish tab with each piece of jewellery containing .925 Sterling Silver.

Should the Sterling Silver become slightly tarnished or discoloured over time, either a soft cloth or silver cloth should help restore the shine.