Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you use Silver Plated materials in your jewellery?

A. For my main jewellery, I use only guaranteed high quality seamless .925 Sterling Silver sourced from reputable UK Silversmiths

However, I also make beaded Kumihimo & seed bead fashion jewellery which come with a plated clasp & fittings. All of the plated materials I buy are from reputable suppliers as being lead & nickel free

Q. How are you able to keep your prices competitive?

A. I have arranged small discounts on semi precious gemstones with my main suppliers

A. Also because I buy my Sterling Silver in quantity, this helps to keep my prices affordable

A. Additionally, I want to create jewellery which is affordable to buy

A. Some prices may alter if I sell an item & the cost to buy more 'stones' and/or Sterling Silver to make that same item again is higher, or lower, than before

Q. What do you mean by seamless Sterling Silver?

A. The pieces are one continuous piece without any seams or joins & this ensures that, over time, the relevant components do not 'open up'

Q. Are your semi-precious gemstones genuine or acrylic/plastic?

A. All my semi-precious gemstones are genuine & natural. I don't use acrylic or plastic beads.

Q. How can I tell your stones are real?

A. Genuine semi-precious gemstones are cool/cold to the touch & sometimes each stone is different, whether it be by inclusions in the stone or a very slight colour difference and you can definitely tell by the feel

Sometimes treatments or dyes are used to bring us various shades & colours. These treatments or dyes are colour fast so they will not fade over time

Q. I have a jade necklace which is all the same colour - why is that?

A. Quite a lot of jade is dyed in order to bring us various shades & colours

Sometimes treatment is added to semi-precious gemstones to enhance their colour or bring out their natural beauty

This also applies to some precious gemstones too

Q. Do mis-shapen or inferior stones ever make it into your jewellery, say for a sale?

A. No not at all. I use only the highest quality materials as I lovingly design & hand make every single item of jewellery

Any items that appear in a sale will be of my usual high standard and are not seconds in any way

Q. How quickly do you post my order to me?

A. Firstly, I need to receive confirmation that your payment has cleared & secondly, I hand make all the jewellery myself

Taking this into account, I do usually post within 2 days of receiving your cleared payment. At busier times of the year, it could take a little longer. So please allow for this

Q. Are your designs really unique?

A. Yes, to the best of my knowledge they are. Where I do have only 1 of a particular design, this is noted in the description. This will usually be because the focal point of the necklace is individual to that particular stone and I would not be able to get exactly the same piece again

Q. I see you have tube beads. Are they hollow?

A. The tube beads & all the other shapes are completely solid with only a hole wide enough for the wire or headpin to pass through

Q. Do you provide gift wrapping?

A.  Yes, each piece of jewellery is placed into a clear grip seal bag which is then wrapped in acid free tissue paper. This is then placed into a pretty white voile/organza gift bag with silver butterflies, (to tie in with my logo), so it's ready for you to give as a gift if you wish to

Q. Do you buy in jewellery from other suppliers or jewellery makers?

A. Not at all. All of the jewellery I sell is designed & hand crafted by me

Q. What if I like an item which is sold out?

If you see something you like but it is 'sold out', please contact me as I may have more of the stones. In the event that I will need to order materials, I will of course let you know if there is likely to be a delay. Additionally, should the stones be higher in price - I will let you know before we proceed.