About Us

Hello, I’m Lynne and I originally formed Silver Sensations because of my passion for making jewellery and the fact that I couldn’t always find exactly what I was looking for. Or maybe I’d find a design I wanted, but didn’t want those exact gemstones or wanted a different colour. Sometimes, it even just came down to the price. Hence Silver Sensations was born.

This also means that I’m able to take custom requests or alter most of my designs already available. For custom designed pieces where we work together on your creation, I will never re-create that exact piece of jewellery again, unless it is a simple string of semi precious gemstones or pearls.

So, putting it another way, I personally believe your own design should be your own & never worn by anyone else.

Are you looking for that special gift? As I make extremely limited edition pieces, it is highly unlikely that you will ever meet someone wearing the same piece. Some designs will be totally unique so, of course, they will be one of a kind handmade jewellery pieces.

I just love finding unusual shapes and gemstones which may not easily be found on the High Street. In fact I get really excited when I see something a little different.

I pride myself in creating high quality handmade jewellery, always with a high focus on attention to detail, at affordable prices for you to buy & enjoy yourself or to give as a gift.

I meticulously check every single bead and piece of Sterling Silver that I buy to ensure that I am using only the highest quality materials to make your special piece of jewellery.

You will find more information on what goes into my handmade jewellery here.

I’m also a proud Sapphire member, previously called a premium member, of the Professional Crafters Guild (PCG) and am approved by the GoodBizGuide.

Here's my current certificate & badge of authenticity for my PCG membership which I'm proud to display.


Please note: I'm not affiliated to, nor have I ever had any involvement with, any other company or organisation. In particular, that I've never had any connections at all to either Silver Sensations in Harrogate or Robinson & Stirling, nor have I sold my jewellery on cruise ships.

Who am I?

Well as you now know, I'm Lynne & am originally from Great Harwood in Lancashire, a little town not far from Blackburn & Accrington. The first census in 1811 showed Great Harwood's population was 1,676 & the current population is approximately 10,800. 

I've always been a girly girl & just love all the wonders that nature gives us. I especially love listening to the sea & walking on beaches & through wooded areas. There's always something relaxing about these, don't you think? I find it an easy way to de-stress & let my mind just wander & sometimes go completely blank.

I'm married to my long suffering husband who is now used to helping me look for 'escapees' I've dropped & we have two beautiful daughters, one gorgeous Grandson & a beautiful little Granddaughter.

I've always enjoyed making things from dolls houses made with cardboard boxes & furniture made from matchboxes at the tender age of 8, progressing to teaching myself crocheting from a 9d book, (yes nine old pennies), when I was a teenager in the 1970s.

Then came knitting, cross stitch pictures & finally I arrived at my crafty destination of making jewellery. This actually started out by making things for friends & family like many other 'crafty' people.

Thank you for reading this & I hope you will enjoy looking through my website. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask & I'll be only too happy to help. You can use the contact form here or email me direct.

 I'm continually designing and creating new items of my handmade jewellery, so please keep visiting to see more designs, colours and shapes.

Unique handmade limited edition & designer jewellery made with you in mind.

Thank you for reading my story.

Lynne x