About My Kumihimo Bracelets

Seed Bead Jewellery

I have handmade these beaded Kumihimo bracelts in a wide variety of colours to choose from.

​They are so easy to wear, either snugly on the wrist or draping slightly down the hand. There are so many different colours and designs available, making them an ideal fashion alternative to semi precious gemstone bracelets. Some of these designs have been created by me.

Each bracelet has between 400 & 500 little beads which are hand strung, so as you can appreciate, they each take between 2.5 & 4 hours to make depending on the length & design.

You may wish to choose your own colour or colour mix. I have a wide variety of colours, but if I do not have the colour you would like I can order them for you. I would usually receive the beads in about 3 - 4 days.

As with all my jewellery, I only use the highest quality materials & the little seed beads I use are Toho, Matsuno, Miyuki & Preciosa Czech beads. All are well known for their quality.

These beads are uniform in size & shape, unlike some of the less expensive alternatives, so you can be sure that your bracelet will be completely even & consistent.

I hand string each & every one of these tiny beads onto 8 strands of high quality SuperLon bead cord which I then weave in different ways to achieve the resulting pattern. As these are fashion bracelets, the clasps I use are either Silver Plated, Gold Plated, Gunmetal colour Plated or Antique Bronze colour Plated.