Weekly Offers – It’s All About Bridal

Well we’re almost at the end of April, so do you think we might see the end of April Showers? It’s a dull & rainy day here at Silver Sensations Jewellery I’m afraid.

So I thought this week I’d offer some Bridal & Pearl items to receive 10% discount.

As always, here’s a little taste for you & you’ll find more here Weekly Offers

I hope you enjoy your weekend & thank you for looking.

Lynne 🙂 x

Celebrate St George’s Day With 10% Discount

Well, if you’re like me & were expecting a little better weather, why not cheer yourself up with 10% off all my jewellery until Midnight 23rd April?

With St George’s Day next Monday, what better time to save a little on upcoming Birthday gifts or a cheeky little gift for yourself.

My jewellery ranges from tiny seed bead friendship bracelets & anklets through to elegant pearls & Wedding designs with lots in between.

This discount is automatic so you don’t need any codes & will be applied at checkout.

It won’t be used in conjunction with any other discount nor specially commissioned items.

Happy shopping & thanks for looking.

Lynne 🙂 x

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

Hi again

Some of you may have heard or seen in the media & others may not have, so I’m just going to give a very brief outline of this new Regulation which comes into effect on 25th May 2018 & affects all EU member states.

Although we are going through the process of leaving the EU, we will still be a member state when this Regulation comes in to force. Once we leave the EU we will still need to abide by it.

Please note that this will not be a guideline where companies choose whether or not they adopt the Regulation, it will be LAW.

What does it mean for Silver Sensations Jewellery Customers?

1) Well, it means that unless you’ve physically signed up to a newsletter, companies will no longer be able to send you these type of emails. Of course this could be good news for you as it will mean that you should no longer receive emails you don’t want to read.

For me, this means that I’m only allowed to send newsletters to Customers who have actually signed up to receive them. If you’d like to sign up to be notified personally of special offers and/or new products then you can do so on my Home Page where you’ll see a banner just underneath the ‘Featured Products’ area. Naturally you can withdraw this consent at anytime & you’ll receive no further newsletters from me.

This is an area, where I have actually neglected to send out newsletters over the last couple of years mainly due to a lot of serious family illnesses.

Now I intend to send out a newsletter each time I have a promotion and/or a range of new products. In any event, I won’t send them out more regularly than one every month or two as I appreciate how annoying they can become if they’re sent too often.

2) The second thing I just want to briefly touch on is that, as I always have, companies must ensure that your information is:

  • Processed lawfully, fairly and transparently.
  • Collected only for specific legitimate purposes.
  • Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary.
  • Must be accurate and kept up to date.
  • Stored only as long as is necessary.
  • Ensure appropriate security, integrity and confidentiality.

For you this means that I will continue to only use your name & address to send your order to you & a couple of emails to let you know the status of your order. I NEVER HAVE & NEVER WILL PASS ON OR SELL YOUR INFORMATION TO ANYONE ELSE, UNLESS REQUIRED TO DO SO BY A LEGAL AUTHORITY. To me, your information is STRICTLY PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL & that’s how it should be.

I think it’s worth a little reminder here, that I have absolutely no knowledge or access of/to your bank account or bank card information etc. The only information I receive is that you have made a payment for your order & its source, eg Paypal or Klarna.

In due course I’ll be adding all the detail to my Privacy Policy to comply with this new Regulation nearer the time of its enforcement.

I know this may be quite a lot to take in but actually, the only change for my Customers & me here, is the one regarding newsletters as mentioned in 1) above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this & I just wanted to let you know how seriously I’m taking this new Regulation.

Have a great weekend

Lynne  🙂


New Weekly Offers

How is everyone feeling now that we’re in April? I’m starting to hope that Spring really is just around the corner (fingers crossed).

Well… this week’s offers are now live, with 10% off selected pieces. So here’s a little taste:


I hope you find a little treat for yourself or an early gift for a loved one.

Thanks for looking as always.

Lynne 🙂